Waking up at 8:00 am

It’s like 2 am and i’m in the bed knowing i should sleep because tomorrow, as every morning my alarm clock will switch on and the radio will start to play, asking me to wake up.

I really know i should sleep but thousands of things are happening from 3 months to now, starting master degree thesis is more stressful then i thought, don’t get me wrong, it is super cool and i really like to work on it, but don’t know, it also scare me don’t know why.

Then braking up with my gf was not easy and still is not, i’m slowly realizing that was the right choice, but she is still too important for me to go on and leave her in the past. Don’t really know if i’ll ever be able to leave her in the past, she was and is such a nice person the one you really would to have in your life, at least as a friend, but i don’t know if it is possible, probably it will not be possible for a while :/. She was so nice she wanted to help me even if she should just hate me, i will never forget this as lots of other things.

I also messed up with another girl and this was so bad, she didn’t really deserve it but i didn’t realize how i felt and when you don’t understand yourself you should just lock yourself in your home and stop talk to anyone! My friends, listen to me, this is the better choice and you should really do it or you will end like me, confused and disoriented, looking for someone who will help you but nobody can but yourself, and to let yourself help you, you NEED to stay alone, think, let the thought blow in your head thousand times and then you start to understand what was wrong, why u acted as an idiot and what you should have done. It takes so long and sometimes you will fill like you know what you need, but you don’t, you just need to wait, be patient and let time flow until you will start to feel better, i mean really better, you can think clearly. It can happen for one day and then the day after you are again super confused but it a sign you are on the right way, you will be fine soon 😉

Anyway, i’m still awake because of thesis, still programming at 2 am and i’m really enjoying it, today was such a nice day, i studied in the morning and afternoon ’til 7:00 pm and then parkour training, it was super cool and i was super satisfied :)!

I guess now its time to go, hope tomorrow gonna be another great day as today, it will be surely a great evening with Chinese food!!!!!! :3

Have a good night.


Parkour day, Parkour life

Today was one of my best training day!
You know, parkour is not just jump here and there, makes some trick, it’s mainly feeling yourself your fears and your limit. Is an internal dialogue with yourself,I a fight between you and your consciousness that says be careful, are you sure you want to take this risk? All you have to do when your brain starts to run and to speak too much is free your mind, focus, and try to do that fucking jump the best you can! You can’t just try careless, you need to care, it’s about you, your body (and for the most extreme traceurs your life), and so what you want is the ability to free your mind, don’t let your fear to think for you, but just think rationally, and decide if it’s worth to take that risk.
I’m not saying that you always have to do anything even if your brain says :”wtf are you doing fucking crazy man?” I say that at least you have to think about the “exercise” and if you can assure to your self that it is ok, it’s possible for you, even if you are scared, than you have to do it, but if nothing in you says :” mm yes I think I can do it” then don’t! It could be the worst thing you ever will do!

Back to today, I was and I’m very happy because was a while I could not train this good, I felt so relaxed and happy to be there, and I had so many energies, I felt the walls and everything I was doing was under my control, I knew I could do those things so I just did.
I’m still so happy even if at the end I hurt my ankle, because it was worth it, I learned so many things that just some pain at the foot it’s ok, I also learned (even if I already knew it) not to be that confident, I should had tried that jump before to do it with other movements, next time I will. In the meanwhile I can take a brake from jumps and train my arms 😛

Parkour is such a beautiful sport, it let you grow physically and mentally, you can learn a new life style from it and this is awesome.

I wanna thank Luca that trained with me today, he is a great teacher and the best friend I could ever ask for, thank also to Giorgio and Carlotta that have made an awesome job today, and I also have to thank Federico that introduced me to parkour and he is a great friend! Love you guys.
( I also have to thank my girlfriend (or she gonna kill me :P) to be so sweet with me and support me for almost everything <3!)

Now that I get sentimental is better if I go to sleep xD so have a goodnight dudes and enjoy your life!

(Soon a video of our training 🙂 )

Back to neverland

This is a sad morning for everyone that have seen at least one of his movies, is a sad morning for everyone that looking at him acting just thought about he was such a nice guy, funny person and an incredible actor!
I grew up watching his films and I can’t forget to write about one of my favorite : Jumanji. I still remember when a evening of about 15/16 years ago my father and I went to rent a movie and he wanted to take Jumanji, I was a child and didn’t want to watch anything new, just wanted to take some movie I had already seen thousand times, but my father didn’t hear me and just rented that movie. I still thank my father to not have listened to me that day, because after I have watched it I just continued to watch it again and again. I loved that movie because there is action, it’s funny and make you think, it really helped me to face every day problems, I will always remember when at e end Alan says:”you should always face what you’re afraid of” and I always try to do it.
Other movie I love are Hook, Flubber, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, Bicentennial man, movies that made me laugh and made me cry, so all that I can say is thank you Robin for the great emotions that you were able to transmit.